Nido is the Spanish word for “nest”, a place for hiding, a place that keeps you safe.

The space fostering the “nido” was conceived as a modern wine cellar combined with the feeling of those prohibition-era speakeasys. A hidden place, unveiled only to the trustworthy and where one could feel safe to have a drink with friends, and generally share a moment of life, despite and/ or celebrating any existing constraints or limitations. The forbidden nest.

We built the logo by starting from the word’s definition, the whole idea of warmth and wholeness, with its feeling of safety and familiarity. The logo we constructed is clean and strong, showcasing the same simplicity and elegance representative for the identity of vintage fashion houses: one does not need a whole lot of aesthetic congestion in order to express basic, pure emotion. Simple is always beautiful.


Brand development, Interior Design, Webdesign

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