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Layout design for a cultural magazine

Graphic design, Art direction, Creative direction, Print design, Layout design, 

INFINITEZIMAL takes its name from the mathematical concept of a number that approaches zero. As a cultural magazine, INFINITEZIMAL embraces this concept by pushing boundaries and defying norms within its field. The magazine doesn't adhere to a strict launch calendar, allowing for spontaneous releases. Each layout in the magazine is an exploration of unconventional and peculiar design choices, transcending typical conventions. From printing a screenplay on an A0 newspaper to transforming a mundane interview into an almost unreadable piece adorned with illustrations of ants, INFINITEZIMAL showcases a distinctive sense of humor and a refusal to conform to societal expectations. This approach creates an environment where all pieces are written with creative freedom, without the pressures of censorship. The magazine invites readers to indulge in a truly unique and unfiltered cultural experience.
Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania.