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Visual identity for a teen theatre festival

Identity design, Graphic design, Art direction, Creative direction, Layout design, Print design, UI design, Web development, 


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“Festivalul Tineretului Piatra Neamț” (FTPN) revolved around the theme of "SUCCESS". Embracing a modular approach to the name, the festival visual identity aims to empower the next generation of young people by seeding in them the belief that they can achieve anything through filling each layout with the big word: “SUCCES!”. Additionally, we reinterpreted the traditional theater masks with a modern twist, ensuring that the new generation can easily connect and relate to the art form. Over the course of two weeks, the event brought together actors, directors, and theatre crews from around the world in the picturesque city of Piatra Neamț, creating a vibrant and culturally rich experience for all those present.

Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania.