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Visual identity for a new fragrance & beauty chain

Identity development, Art direction, Graphic design, Product design, Motion design, Character design, Packagin, 

DELIRIUM is a beauty brand specializing in youthful, niche fragrances, along with a thoughtfully curated collection of skincare products and cosmetics. The brand visual identity is defined by a clean, custom-designed font that prioritizes readability. In the physical store, the extruded version of the logo stretches across the entrance, symbolizing the transcendent experience of time dilation that transports visitors to a realm of vibrant dreams and heightened senses. The central icon embodies the stimulation of the four primary senses—smell, sight, sound, and the pinnacle of happiness—prompting an immersive experience for all who enter. At the heart of our narrative is a sophisticated rabbit, serving as a spiritual guide within the store, leading customers toward their deepest desires.
Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania.