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Contemporary design studio based in Bucharest, Romania.

We design and produce stickers, cardboards, metal parts, plastic bindings, abstract animations, AR filters, hot foil stamps, code based elements, baseline grids, AI generated nonsense, industrial product interfaces, woven labels, non fungible tokens, new media signage, 450gsm pure white 100% cotton paper business cards with tinted edges and are well known for cooking a pretty decent guacamole.

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All the projects showcased on this website are property of Colorblind or our clients.

The typeface used is Diatype (ABC Dinamo)︎︎︎.

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Mo–Fr: 08:32 – 18:21

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Art direction, Graphic design, Identity development, Creative direction, Concept development, UI design, Web development, Motion design, Environmental design, Product design, Packaging design, Photography, Illustration, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, Sound design, Creative coding,